Control valves with digital linking

Our control valves are equipped with a QR code nameplate. This allows you worldwide direct access to our digital ARCAonsite platform with all the necessary information and the latest documentation for your control valves.

In addition to the operating manual for your control valve and attached accessories, you can use the serial number on the nameplate to view the entire order documentation and acceptance documents there, such as circuit diagrams, approvals, material certificates, spare part deliveries and calculation sheets. Even later modifications such as the change of the TAG number can be identified and traced via our platform (provided they have been communicated to ARCA).

ARCAonsite accompanies your control valve throughout its entire life cycle and supports you in making your process safer and prolonging the service life of your ARCA control valve.

It goes without saying that your order data is protected to the maximum on our portal. Thanks to 256-bit encryption and 3 different levels of security.

With ARCAonsite, we were the first valve manufacturer to transform the findings gained as part of a VDMA research project Electronic Nameplate into a digital benefit for its customers. Today, ARCAonsite is part of our digital customer service. You can therefore expect further innovations in the field of support and service from us as a pioneer in the future.