For us, service means comprehensive consulting and support for our control solutions in your process. We regard that firstly as servicing our products and, secondly, our engagement for and with our customers. The two are closely linked. Through the maintenance of our products, we constantly learn on site and wherever our control valves are used. This makes it possible for us not only to interpret your operating data from the technical aspect of the request, but also to consider the control solution holistically in the application.

Our many years of experience show that many problems are directly linked to commissioning. Service therefore always means gaining knowledge and exchanging knowledge at eye level. The experience gained in this way enables us to quickly isolate the problems addressed and to work out goal-oriented proposals for you. The broad application knowledge of our team over the entire process or control loop is thus guaranteed and our promise to you is secured:



With After Sales we think ahead: In addition to the pumps, the valves are the real assets in a plant.


Training is a way to pass on the knowledge gained to our process partners so that both sides benefit from it.


Do you have any questions? We know answers! Test our soft skills these three weeks on the topics trainings, plant check and maintenance contract. Get advice without obligations!

Service packages


ARCAlaunch supports you in the commissioning of your control valves. This applies to support during construction as well as cold and hot commissioning.


ARCA24/7 stands for: We are available for you around the clock, take up your concerns and develop solutions for your problem in a timely manner.


ARCAcare offers maintenance contracts that are precisely discussed and tailored to your system.


Our products are based on a modular principle and so we keep the common spare and wear parts for your control valves for you. So you are always ARCAsafe!