• Baureihe 180 / 380
  • DN 15–1200 / 1/2“–48“
  • PN 16–620
  • ANSI Class 150-4500
  • Temperaturbereich -196 °C bis 650 °C
  • Housing design: straight / angle / Z-version

The ARCA team develops custom-made products and special solutions for your process engineering tasks. We discuss your requirements on site and design and produce valves based on our long-term experience in the field of control technology. With our CUSTOM-DESIGNED-VENT we are flexible in terms of material selection and geometry for body and trim. We validate the results internally through simulations, externally with research institutes and in field trials. Of course, we also replace old valves, that can no longer be purchased on the market, with new CUSTOM-DESIGNED-VENT control solutions.

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    Special models

    CUSTOM-DESIGNED-VENT special constructions
    CUSTOM-DESIGNED-VENT special interior trim

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