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The ARCA application process

Where can I apply?

Please use the following address for your application, preferably by e-mail to


or alternatively by post to

ARCA Regler GmbH
Kempener Str. 18
D-47918 Tönisvorst

Our HR department will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your applications.

When is my application complete?

A professional application to ARCA should always include the following documents: Curriculum vitae, cover letter, certificates and proofs of qualifications. You may also send us a description of previous project work.

Are applications for multiple locations and jobs possible?

Yes they are. Tell us which locations and positions you are interested in. We will consider you for all eligible positions and, if necessary, forward your documents to other locations.

Do you accept unsolicited applications?

Yes. In the cover letter of your application, tell us what job you are looking for and how you imagine your field of tasks.

When is the best time to apply?

Ideally, send us your application 2-4 months before your desired start date.

What should I observe when uploading my documents?

If possible, save your documents as a PDF. Depending on the type of document, other file formats may also be useful. It is best to bundle your documents in a digital application folder or multi-page PDF. The total size of all your files should not exceed 5 megabytes.

What happens after my application has been sent?

You will receive a short confirmation of receipt from us. We view your documents and consult with the contact persons of the respective departments. As soon as we have made our decision we will contact you and, if necessary, arrange a personal interview.

When can I expect feedback?

As a rule, it takes a maximum of 14 working days from the confirmation of receipt until we contact you – for example, with the invitation to an interview. After the interview, you will usually receive feedback within a week.

How does the typical ARCA application process work?

After viewing your letter of application, we will be happy to invite you to a personal interview if you are suitable. Further interviews may follow, depending on the position to be filled. One interview is usually sufficient for university graduates. If we decide in your favour, we will finally send you the contract offer.

Does ARCA treat my application data confidentially?

Of course. Apart from the HR department and those responsible for the respective department, no one has access to your data or documents.

Can I re-apply to ARCA after a rejection?

Yes. Just because we have chosen someone else for a particular position, this does not mean that you are unsuitable for our company. At a later date, you may well be the perfect candidate for the respective position.

Your interview at ARCA

What is the interview procedure?

Two of our employees will have the conversation with you. This is usually your future supervisor and someone from the same department who is one of your potential colleagues. After the mutual introduction, you will have the opportunity to talk about yourself and explain your motivation for the job in a relaxed atmosphere.

How do I prepare for the interview?

Basically, for us, it’s about finding out your competencies and interests. Show us why you want the respective position and how you imagine your professional future.

Are parts of the conversation conducted in English?

Depending on the department, we sometimes switch to English – for example, if your position requires a lot of cooperation with international colleagues or if it is a job abroad.

ARCA career events

Is it possible to meet ARCA at events?

Personal discussions at events and trade fairs are very important to us. Throughout the year, various (virtual) event formats offer the opportunity to get in touch with us. You can keep track of all upcoming events in our event calendar, which is constantly updated. We look forward to meeting you.

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