ARCA Regler GmbH/Produkte/POWERTROL Steam conditioning


  • Baureihe 500
  • DN 15 – DN 800 / ½“ – 32“
  • PN 16 – PN 400
  • ANSI Class 150 – 2500
  • Temperaturbereich -10 °C bis 650 °C

The POWERTROL family solves the versatile and increasing requirements for steam conditioning and cooling with a flexible design principle and maximum efficiency. Our modular system and its variety of products offers the right concept for every steam cooling application. Starting with the classic seat or stem injection up to the high-tech steam assisted nozzle. The more flexible mode of operation of modern power plants, with increasing demands on temperatures, pressures and further developments in power plant technology, is answered by the continuous expansion of the performance of our trims and valve housings of the steam-conditioning stations. The perforated cages are calculated and executed according to the flow conditions as well as the required noise level and rangeability. The housing of our valves in the field of steam conditioning is modelled and manufactured according to the latest state of the art and production processes – this way, the high-performance solutions always meet all requirements for higher temperature gradients during start-up and for the service life due to thermal fatigue. For safety applications, a dirt strainer is connected upstream in the steam inlet. This prevents the ingress of foreign particles and protects against defects. POWERTROL stands for maximum control performance in steam conditioning with unique service and maintenance convenience.

This is what distinguishes POWERTROL control valves:

  • Powerful valve actuator
  • Multifunctional positioner
  • Flexibility thanks to ARCA modular system
  • Robust precision trims
  • Large number of variants for steam conditioning and cooling
  • Precise temperature control
  • Steam conditioning station in globe type, angle type and Z-shape

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    Versatile injection systems
    Two-phase steam assisted nozzle
    Perforated plug/perforated seat combinations for low-noise operation
    Quick-close function with SIL for safety applications
    Short evaporation sections
    Desuperheater with central injection


    Globe design with seat injection (type 520)
    Globe design with stem injection (type 510)
    Single-phase nozzle (type 596)
    Mini cooler (type 595)
    Angle design with stem injection (type 550/570)
    Angle design with two-phase nozzle (type 560/580)
    Desuperheater (type 3)
    Globe design with two-phase nozzle

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