ARCA Regler GmbH/Produkte/DUALVENT Double-seated valve


  • Baureihe 250 / 280
  • DN 50–350 / DN 40–250
  • PN 10–40 / PN 63–160
  • Temperaturbereich -10 °C bis 530 °C

DUALVENT is a double-seated valve that is used for more severe applications. The double-seated trim regulates the medium at two throttle points. The two control plug diameters are matched to each other in such a way that the medium has an opening influence on one control plug and a closing influence on the other control plug, and the actuating forces thus are minimized. Thanks to the variety in the choice of materials, the connection to the piping system or the versatile trims, the control valve can be precisely aligned to your process and the dirty medium. This also applies to the shaping of the control plugs. The option of a multi-stage, double-seated trim also avoids cavitation that could lead to shock waves and erosion damage to the valve body and internal parts. You are on the safe side with the DUALVENT control valve, even with tough applications. Of course, our complete actuator and controller program is available for the actuating of the double-seated valves.

This is what distinguishes DUALVENT double-seated valves:

  • Multifunctional positioner
  • Flexibility thanks to ARCA modular system
  • Robust precision trims
  • Pressure and thus force balanced
  • Very low actuating force
  • High functional reliability even under adverse operating conditions

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    Double-seated valve with parabolic plug
    Double-seated valve with perforated plug
    Double-seated valve, multi-stage
    Control valve suitable for dirty media
    Reduction of actuator forces due to the double-seated design
    High flow rate
    Multi-stage to avoid cavitation
    Flexibility with the ARCA modular system

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