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  • Baureihe 340 / 350 / 380
  • DN 15–300 / DN 15–300 / ½“ – 12“ / DN 15–800 / ½“ – 32“
  • PN 10–40 / PN 63–250 / PN 16-400
  • ANSI Class 150 - 1500 / ANSI Class 150 – 2500
  • Temperaturbereich -196 °C bis 650 °C

The ANGLEVENT angle valve is used quite plant specific. For the most diverse applications, the bodies are made of a wide variety of cast and forged materials and the interior parts are adapted to the specific operating situation. This modular design principle promises accurate process control that, together with the proven ARCA clamping seat, characterizes each of our angle valves. Depending on the process, medium can flow through the control valve in or against the closing direction of the plug. Our angle valves based on forged housings are also available for nominal sizes ≤ DN65 with welding ends. The medium flows into the angle valve laterally or from below, leaving the control valve in a reduced state after only one flow redirection. Our angle valves have also proven themselves in difficult operating conditions and acoustically relevant applications.

This is what distinguishes ANGLEVENT angle valves:

  • Flexibility thanks to ARCA modular system
  • Powerful valve actuator
  • Multifunctional positioner
  • Temperatures up to 650 °C and more
  • Robust precision trims
  • Patented ARCA clamping seat for easy maintenance

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    ANGLEVENT modular system

    Low pressure
    High pressure
    Special applications
    Housing design adaptable to your piping layout
    Choice between forged and cast materials for the body
    Flow direction in or against the closing direction of the plug
    Bonnet with cooling fins, bellows, heating jacket etc. up to the self-sealing bonnet (Brettschneider system)

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